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Many young people these days are getting premature greying in the hair because of the vagaries of modern life. While we cannot prevent this from happening, we can always take steps to conceal those offending strands. In this piece, we give you four tips to do exactly that.

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Grey hair used to be associated with old age, but with modern life’s stresses, pollutants and other factors, premature greying of hair has become common among young people. While grey hair can sap the confidence of anyone, being a bride-to-be and spotting a few strands of grey hair in your scalp can be a shattering experience. But you don’t have to suffer or hide it. Here are a few quick hacks you can use to tackle those stray strands of grey hair.
1. Apply black mascara
An easy and quick way to conceal those annoying grey hairs is to apply black mascara on them. Ask your stylist to apply black mascara on your hair when you’re getting it styled for your big day. You will need to apply it again once you wash your hair, but as long as you manage it well enough, mascara acts as a great concealer.
2. Use head accessories
An Indian bride typically wears a lot of head accessories. By strategically placing your accessories to conceal your grey hair, you can get through your wedding day without a care in the world that someone would notice. If you want to use this technique on days when you’re not getting married as well, then you can use options such as trendy hair bands, big clips and pins etc to cover the problem areas.
3. Change your hairstyle
A good way to camouflage your grey hair is to change your hairstyle, especially the parting. If you part it on one side, and if you find that grey hair is more visible in that angle, you may want to try parting it on the opposite side, where healthier, less exposed hair will come to the fore and give your hair a fuller look. Besides, you will get all the attention from your friends who will say, ‘You got a new haircut!’ What’s not to like?
4. Add more volume
Getting a layered haircut is another way to both hide your grey hair and also to add volume. A skilled stylist will be able to blow dry or give you a haircut in such a way as to conceal your grey hair. Just let them know what you’re trying to achieve, and they will do it for you.

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