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People often say that men don’t like jewellery. But bridegrooms are charmed by vanity just like brides are; it’s just that they are vain about different things. In this piece, we tell you exactly what to gift in terms of jewellery to an Indian groom.
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Men are typically thought of as not particularly jewellery-loving. A common sight at an Indian jewellery shop is that of all the ladies inside the store sifting through the various jewels, and all the men sitting on the waiting couches near the outside, staring into the distance. But it is not true that men hate all kinds of jewellery. Modern men take pride in wearing certain kinds of jewels that display their identity. Here are a few ideas that any groom would love.
1. Chains
Men are open to the idea of chains, especially if it is minimalistic and sleek. And don’t think that a man values gold more than silver, because many men prefer the white metal. This is perfect if you’re on a budget, but even if you’re not, consider getting a silver chain studded with diamonds and other precious stones rather than a gold chain.
2. Rings
When picking out rings for men, remember that simplicity is often the best option. Between gold, platinum and silver, and with a variety of options when it comes to setting precious stones onto the ring, you have a lot to choose from. Remember that a plain ring is also a great thing, especially if the man you’re picking it out for is a Lord of the Rings fan.
3. Bracelet
A bracelet has always been a male accessory. Make sure that the bracelet you pick is smaller than the bracelets designed for women. A good male bracelet will marry virility with class. For a personalised touch, gift him a bracelet with a name or a favourite saying inscribed on it. Silver, titanium and gold are your options here.
4. Cufflinks
Another of those traditional male accessories. These are the mark of a man’s success, status and excellence. A lot of men wear cufflinks to show off their elegant tastes at business meetings, weddings and other such formal occasions. Unless the intended recipient is an extremely easygoing fellow, cufflinks is a safe bet for most men.
5. Watch
This is not really a jewellery item, but for men, a big clunky watch on the wrist is a symbol of status. Depending on the personality of the recipient, you can go sporty, expensive, branded, or smart. Remember that personalisation is everything in a gift.

Himanshu Yadav

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