How can I stop my lipstick from bleeding?

 How can I stop my lipstick from bleeding?

Having the most gorgeous and pouty lips is something that every girl craves for. But lips are sensitive parts of the body and girls always crave for lipsticks that do notLips bleed. Just follow the steps mentioned below and your lips will always remain in the best shape and form.

  • It is extremely important to keep your lips moisturized the whole day especially during winter. Apply a rich lip balm that will moisturize as well as exfoliate your lips to make them look plump.
  • You can use a concealer around the edges of your upper lips. This will fill in the lines along your lips and prevent them from bleeding.
  • At times a lip gloss applied over a lipstick can let the colour to bleed. Avoid this by using a lip liner that also helps you recreate your lost lip line. Try opting for shades of colour combinations like a nude liner with a plumb or red shade lipstick to get the most natural looking lips.

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