‘If you’re worried that using the same gym equipment as an Ebola virus patient puts you at risk of contracting the disease, here we come to put your fears to rest.’
These days, everyone’s worried about Ebola virus. It’s caused by a virus family called Ebolaviruses, and signs and symptoms include fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches. Vomitting, diarrhea and rash can also been seen.
To those people who are worried about easy outbreak of Ebola through ‘normal contact’ such as being in the same room, using the same fitness equipment etc, you can relax. To be infected with Ebola, you need to have direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids, which mean blood, vomit and faeces at the outset. Though at the very final stages of infection the virus will go into the patient’s skin and sweat, that is a time when they’re usually very ill and at death’s door. It won’t be the time when they will be socialising or be at the gym working out.
Saliva also contains the virus, but its ability to survive on inanimate surfaces such as gym equipment and table tops is very limited. Most disinfectant wipes or hand sanitisers will work to kill the virus.
So if you’re using possible Ebola infection as an excuse not to work out, or if you’re truly scared that you will get infected with the virus by sharing the same spaces or gym equipment as an infected person, don’t fret. It’s much harder than that to catch. Go ahead, and enjoy your workout without a care in the world.

Ritesh Saxena

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