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Fashion Design and Teenagers

 Fashion Design and Teenagers

The fashion industry has not left the world changed into a whole new creative platform, but has now been accepted into society as an every-day must. Gone are the days when the word “fashion” was associated only on special occasions. The work of famous fashion designers is not only seen on the runway ramp every year, but can be evidently noticed on the lips and hips of every teenager today. It has become a part of their lifestyle and has embarked an astounding effect on them.
Several teenagers take it upon themselves to make fashion design and have started to set fire to several trends. Gone are the days when teenagers would only worry about their uniforms whereas today, what they wear is who they are. And the world of fashion is not limited to only girls now, but boys have also taken up a keen interest in the world of mens fashion. They have started to engross themselves in the fashion world so much that they spend more time reading up on the latest fashion merchandising rather than their school textbooks. Yes, in a way it has led to several new and creative trendsetters come into the fashion world at a very young age and join fashion schools to showcase their talents, but it also shows us that fashion is no longer just found in the opulent classes of people. Parents need to start paying more attention to their teens who delve into this world so much as to ignore everything else and need to teach them the importance of prioritising grooming themselves and their education. Fashion can be found everywhere today, on the streets, in schools, at work, etc. Fashion designers have truly changed the perspective of many in today’s world and this is one field which will always see new stereotypes.

Sunny Pathak

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