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Guide to kick-start a career in fashion merchandising

 Guide to kick-start a career in fashion merchandising

If you were to define fashion merchandisers, they are people who are responsible for store displays, fashion buying, attending fashion shows, marketing and even forecasting new trends. This job demands endless hours of work and a true passion for the field. Here, we are listing out a few steps you need to take in order to make it in the fashion merchandising industry.
You can gain knowledge of this field by taking it up as a course in a reputed fashion school, or by taking some online fashion independent courses. Although, the best way would be keeping yourself updated with the following trends and designers, so that you have an idea of the way fashion market and trends change.
Interning with a great fashion industry is the best way to gain some experience in fashion merchandising. To increase your chances with the internship, you can contact fashion designers, boutique owners, and especially the esteemed fashion merchandisers, either by personally meeting them or by sending them an email.
Work Experience
Industry experience is something that you can attain by working in a fashion retail store, working as a fashion marketer and even as a fashion design assistant.
Sell It
The most important skill that a fashion merchandiser needs to have is the ability to negotiate and sell. Hence, polish your resume and make it stand out because here, you need to sell prospective employers on your uniqueness. The fashion industry is a creative skill and very competitive, so add some flair to your portfolio while keeping it professional at the same time.

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