‘Scientists in China have found a genetic link for whether or not a person is in a romantic relationship. It seems that Serotonin has a big say in our love lives. Read on to find out more.’
For many of us, ‘Happy’ is the name of one of Snow White’s dwarves. But if recent research conducted by the Chinese is to be believed, one of our genes could be named that soon.
In a study conducted by Peking University, researchers have found that students who inherited two copies of a particular gene were more likely to have a romantic partner than those who have only one copy. What does this gene do? It increases the amount of serotonin that is secreted within your body. In other words, it keeps you happy.
This could be the first direct evidence that genetic factors have a say on the nature of our romantic and interpersonal relationships. Already, there is a lot of mounting evidence that things such as personality, success, wealth and education are all affected by genetics. This study suggests that the effect may spill over to our love lives too.
The C variant of this gene, when it occurs twice in a person – each acquired from one parent – the study revealed that there was a 50% likelihood of the person being in a romantic relationship. Thos who do not have two copies of the gene are 40% likely to be seeing someone. While this difference may not appear to be large, it is statistically significant.
Scientists say that more and more such effects need to be investigated so that we better understand how much human lives – especially our social lives – are affected by genetics and how much are guided by learning and nurture.

Christian Mc Karthy

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