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A recent report by BBC news has found questionable levels of harmful chemicals in some tested counterfeit beauty products. In this article we tell you how to stay away from these fake cosmetics, and why buying original is the best decision for your health.


The e-commerce phenomenon that has exploded on the internet in the last few years has led to a whole slew of customers looking for bargain buys. Of all the categories of online shopping, beauty products are among the most often bought. How often have you not flicked from one shopping portal to another, looking for a bargain lipstick or eye shadow?

Now beware.

With the rise of internet shoppers has also come a corresponding rise of counterfeit products. BBC News recently reported that lab tests done by the City of London Police showed that some of these imposters contain chemicals such as mercury, arsenic cyanide and even urine and rat droppings.

There is simply no excuse for faecal matter making its way into a beauty product, and it smacks of dingy underground basements of the filthy kind. What’s more, makers of fake products won’t test for heavy metal content, which is an issue in makeup. That is probably why these products contain such harmful chemicals.

The counterfeiters employ a variety of tricks to rip off the buyer. Watered down versions of original products are quite common. The names used on fake products generally mimic the authentic ones. For instance, Chanel No. 6 could be packaged in an identical manner as Chanel No. 5, and the ‘5’ will be written in such a way that you have to see it closely to identify it.

One way to stay clear of this whole business is to buy direct from the brand you love. Almost all cosmetic brands today have an online presence. Alternatively, buy from legitimate online retailers dedicated to beauty products, like Sephora, and

Be wary of deals that sound too good to be true. If the price of a product is too cheap and significantly lower than the market price, that’s a red flag. It’s important to realise that while counterfeits do not work as well as you hope they would, they can also cause adverse effects in the form of skin reaction and allergies.

All that trouble is not worth it for a few dollars saved. Buy original. Be beautiful.

Christian Mc Karthy

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