Michael Schumacher’s manager warns of invalid health reports

 Michael Schumacher’s manager warns of invalid health reports

F1 star Michael Schumacher’s manager has reacted to the false reports of his health over the past few days. Ever since the F1 legend went into coma followed a Skiing accident, various reports of his health have been doing rounds. A recent news report revealed that the star was recovering and will be fit within a month. The manager has apparently rubbi0111shed the rumour calling it as invalid.
Schumacher’s condition is quite critical but has been stabilized to some extent at a hospital in Grenoble. A recent statement was revealed which stated that all the reports from sources except the manager and the doctors will be treated as hoax. The impact of the accident was such that Michael’s helmet broke after hitting a rock when he was skiing at a high speed. The champion from Germany retired last year after a very successful career in Formula 1 motorsport racing.

Chirag Thakkar

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