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Poorest countries of the world

 Poorest countries of the world

If a country does not have adequate access to technology and its per capita income is also low, then certainly its economy is not as powerful and flourishing as other countries. Any developing nation always struggles to stand amongst developed nations when it comes to economy. At present, United Nations Organization recognizes 193 countries and categorizes them as per their per capita income and gross domestic product. The countries which are relatively poor are having a scarcity of resources that are to be utilized for and by the population. Ever since the phenomenon of globalization has risen, the world has been properly segregated into haves and have-nots. Highlighted below are some of the poorest countries of the world as per the latest statistics.
Poorest countries of the world BURUNDIBurundi falls in African continent and is said to be a land-locked country. Apparently, the population of the country is much more than its economy. Per capita income of the country has been calculated to be $614. Almost half of the entire population is deprived of basic amenities like clean water and people are suffering from ailments such as HIV, AIDS and malaria. The primary reasons for the downfall of economy lie in the high corruption rate as well as a broken political system.
Poorest countries of the world NIGER4. NIGER
Niger falls in the western side of the African continent with French being its national language. The country is known for its issues regarding discrimination of women. The per capita income of the country falls below the poverty line and Niger is deemed as a land-locked country. At present, Niger stands at 186th rank in HDI.
Poorest countries of the world LIBERIA3. LIBERIA
Liberia is known to be the third poorest country in the world with a per capita income of just $490. Liberia is a country that has seen surfeit of civil wars. The war that broke out in 1989 destroyed the economy of the country as well as the health of its population. Following the war, every third person of the population suffered from chronic ailments.
Poorest countries of the world ZIMBABWE2. ZIMBABWE
Zimbabwe is known as the country that has almost been destroyed as a result of the civil wars that it has seen. The wars have totally demolished the infrastructure of the country which has led to a massive downfall in its economy and adding to that, there is an exorbitantly high inflation rate as a result of corrupt politics. On one side, Zimbabwe is known to be a country that is rich in natural resources and can easily develop within no time but just because of corruption, the whole economic structure of the country has been shattered.
1. CONGOPoorest countries of the world CONGO
Congo is considered as one of the poorest nations of the world with a per capita income of just $348. The country is commonly known as the Democratic Republic of Congo and the primary reasons behind its crushed economy are quite the same as that of the countries highlighted above. This central African country has seen more civil wars than any other nation which is why, its economy has fallen.

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