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Restaurants in Paris discriminating customers on the basis of their looks

 Restaurants in Paris discriminating customers on the basis of their looks

So no matter how heavy your pockets are, you might just end up being seated in the back of the restaurant owing to your average looks. And this happens to be the case of two upmarket restaurants in Paris which, reports say, are saving their better positioned table for the good-looking customers while those bearing average looks are made to sit at the rear end of the restaurant away from the eyes of the public.
We are basically throwing two plush eateries namely Le Georges of Pompidou Centre and Café Marly inside the Louvre Museum. If reports of French weekly Le Canard Enchaine are to be relied upon, two waitresses came up and revealed that they were asked to categorize the customers on the basis of their looks. Those who bear a good face and body structure were the ones who were made to sit at the front tables while the less good-looking people were marshalled back to the rear part of the restaurant which is not exactly noticeable.
A startling fact came to light when someone revealed that the pavement terrace of Café Marly was deemed as an ugly-free zone and if someone called up for a reservation, then they were petrified by the restaurant staff who could not guarantee their reservation since the staff had to judge whether the callers qualify for the ugly-free zone or not.
The two restaurants are being owned by Beaumarly group who spokesperson remained unavailable for comment regarding this new customer policy.

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