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In our modern lives, we all need that important day off to go away from the bustle of the city, to the quiet places, where we can get in touch with our natural rhythms and find some inner peace before heading back. In this piece, we tell you exactly how and where to get it.
They say that the most valuable things you bring back from a vacation are your memories. Yes, the sensual spectacles of the places you visit are nice; you remember the shimmer of the water in the moonlight, the white of a marble edifice, the ruggedness of the outback. But these images fade in the mind after a while, and all you remember are the friends you made, the games you played, the way you gazed into your loved one’s eyes, the bonds you strengthened.
It is exactly what the eight or nine families got in return for taking a day-long road trip exploring the Great Ocean Road as part of a guided tour. Generally guided tours are frowned upon by people, because they think they don’t afford privacy, but sometimes that can be a boon too, because when you’re in a group, you tend to be more social, merrier, and altogether have more fun than you would if you were surrounded just by family.10404471_1074695989224417_3485942361434899531_n
Aussizz Travels, the company that organised the tour, specialise in giving you a complete ‘desi’ experience, which means you will be surrounded by mostly people of the subcontinent. The tour guides will be Indian and trilingual, fluent in English, Hindi and Urdu. So be prepared to meet not just Indians but also people from Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh on your trip. A bit like your own foreign relations trip!
In addition to the stupendous beauty that greeted the families, they were regaled with great historical insights from the guide, and they were fed good Indian food that kept the energy levels up for the whole day. The bus ride was punctuated by games such as Antakshari and charades, and the whole group bonded like one family throughout.11350506_1074696359224380_2036454574847959272_n
The surfer-style beaches, historical landmarks, temperate rainforests and the quaint coastal towns will leave you full of energy and vitality. But just like any vacation, the memories that will stay with you the longest will be related to people – the new friendships you made, and the old relationships you reinforced.
People who returned from the trip all said that it was a lovely mix of privacy and group social activities. The spouses feel as if they’ve come closer together. The kids are happy. What more could one ask for?
If you’d like your own refreshing day-long road trip, give Aussizz Travels a call. You will not regret it.

Sunny Pathak

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