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Robots for Disaster Management

 Robots for Disaster Management

There are many instances when human lives were put in danger in order to fight against manmade disasters or natural calamities. For example, three years before when Japan was struck with the nightmare of tsunami, a critical accident occurred at one of its nuclear reactors. The reactor blew to pieces, blasting a fatal amount of radiation in the environment. Several workers dressed in some of the best radiation suits and face masks worked day and night trying to save the plant but they ultimately had to evacuate the area, since radiation levels were not going down no matter what they did.
Now engineers in all parts of the world are trying to create highly efficient robots, so that we can tackle such tragedies without putting human lives at stake. But creating such powerful machines is not an easy task. The kind of bots we have today can hardly walk or communicate properly. They even have difficulty staying powered up for a considerable amount of time.
Robots that can actually be of any help in disaster zones should be able to do stuff like – climbing over rubble, digging through debris and breaking jammed doors and valves to evacuate survivors. Unfortunately such impressive machines are too difficult to create. Some engineers even believe that the task is almost impossible to accomplish. But since industry giants like Google have now ventured into this field, we can still keep our fingers crossed, hoping that one day super robots will take over these difficult tasks and make our lives easier and safer.

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