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Preventing all signs of obesity through yoga

 Preventing all signs of obesity through yoga

In the present day and age, developments in technology have taken a toll on our lives resulting in a decrease in physical exercise for our body. Consuming excess amount of calories, but not shelling out enough calories can result in the accumulation of fat in our body. Obesity can often be the reason for plenty of other diseases like thyroid problem and can often lead an individual to depression which is associated to excessive weight gain. Obesity can even lead to fatal diseases like diabetes, heart problems or fluctuations in blood pressure. A person can even be obese if he has a family history of obesity. In fact, reports from a recent survey by the WHO (World Health Organization) have showed that as many as 1.2 billion people globally have been classified under the category of obese and are regarded as overweight.
The main factors responsible for obesity are lack of exercise, sitting for too long in front of the computer and TV or consuming excessive amount of fat on a regular basis. The reason for this is that most of the undigested food in the body is deposited as fat in the tissues and get accumulated in those areas which have the least to do with muscular action. In turn, a person tends to gain weight due to this accumulation of fat near the muscle tissues. However, most western exercises fail to remove the fat from these areas and that’s the reason why people turn to yoga to deal with obesity.
Yoga for obese
Apart from dieting and regular exercise, a yogic lifestyle can greatly improve the physical, emotional and mental well being of an individual. The various postures of Yoga tone the muscle walls as well that of abdomen to reduce fat build up. Many yogasanas like the Saral Hasta,Bhujangasana,Sarwangasana,Dhanurasana,Paschimotannasana, Halasana, Veerasana, etc are considered the best remedy to reduce chronic constipation. It is advised that before embarking the asanas, one must begin with the Sun salutations which mainly focus on the abdominal region than any other asana. Practicing asanas like the Pranayama on a regular basis is also responsible for the burning of fat in our bodies. There are also many cleansing kriyas associated with yoga that helps to get rid of toxin and fats from our body. Yoga exercises like Kapal Bhati, sudarshan kriya or fast breathing are also recommended to people suffering from obesity. However, a person practicing these asanas must undertake proper guidance as they may lead to some side effects if not performed properly.
Yoga also recommends a healthy diet to individual which is often termed as a Satvik diet. An ideal diet should mainly consist of naturally digested food which can be easily digested by the body fluids. Yoga advices a vegetarian diet to individuals as non vegetarian or processed food may result in fat build due to slow digestion process. Intake of natural products like sprouts, vegetables and fruits are highly essential to reduce obesity. A regular practice of the above recommended yogic asanas and diet can be highly rewarding for your health.

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