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The Linguistic Oasis – Inside India’s Sole Sanskrit-Speaking Village

In a world where technology and globalization are rapidly erasing cultural borders, there exists a village in India where time seems to have paused, at least linguistically. Mattur, a small village in the southern state of Karnataka, is an anomaly that captures the imagination – not just because it has retained its traditional roots, but...Read More

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Restore Virginity in 40 Minutes? Shut up & Take my Money!

In a quiet corner of Kolkata, Dr Indrani Lodh, a renowned gynecologist, meets a hesitant female patient one morning. This seemingly ordinary encounter unravels a complex tapestry woven from societal norms, modern medicine, and cultural expectations. Dr Indrani specialises in gynecology, a field that navigates the intimate landscape of women's health and well-being.Read More

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Adipurush101 – How to make 450 Crores out of Terminal Garbage

A Deep Dive into the Criticisms, Controversies, and Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding the Mega-budget Epic In the vast realm of Indian cinema, certain movies inevitably cause a stir, captivating the nation’s attention for reasons beyond their storyline and star-studded cast. One such film that created a seismic uproar across the country was “Adipurush.” This ambitious cinematic...Read More


5 fascinating places in the northeastern states of India

The fascinating part of India is that in different parts of the country, you will find distinctive features regarding the geographical locations, food, customs, etc. However, the ethnocultural identity and traditions bring all the states together. Besides, if someone were to ask which part of India is relatively undiscovered and unfortunately remains isolated, the answer...Read More