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Delhi’s Sweltering Summer – Extreme Heat and Water Woes

As temperatures in Delhi soar past 52 degrees Celsius, the city faces not just a meteorological extreme but a severe water crisis that exacerbates the struggles of its residents. This summer, the capital of India is grappling with unprecedented heat waves coupled with acute water shortages, highlighting a dual challenge that underscores broader environmental and...Read More

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Top 5 Foods Every Australian Must Try While Visiting India

Indian cuisine is a connoisseur’s dream, and it’s popular worldwide, spanning from Los Angeles to Madrid. It’s no wonder, then, that the continent down under shares the same enthusiasm; after all, we’re talking about Australia. With Indians making up the second-largest community of migrants in Australia, there are a plethora of Indian eateries, although most...Read More

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The Linguistic Oasis – Inside India’s Sole Sanskrit-Speaking Village

In a world where technology and globalization are rapidly erasing cultural borders, there exists a village in India where time seems to have paused, at least linguistically. Mattur, a small village in the southern state of Karnataka, is an anomaly that captures the imagination – not just because it has retained its traditional roots, but...Read More

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Restore Virginity in 40 Minutes? Shut up & Take my Money!

In a quiet corner of Kolkata, Dr Indrani Lodh, a renowned gynecologist, meets a hesitant female patient one morning. This seemingly ordinary encounter unravels a complex tapestry woven from societal norms, modern medicine, and cultural expectations. Dr Indrani specialises in gynecology, a field that navigates the intimate landscape of women's health and well-being.Read More

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Adipurush101 – How to make 450 Crores out of Terminal Garbage

A Deep Dive into the Criticisms, Controversies, and Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding the Mega-budget Epic In the vast realm of Indian cinema, certain movies inevitably cause a stir, captivating the nation’s attention for reasons beyond their storyline and star-studded cast. One such film that created a seismic uproar across the country was “Adipurush.” This ambitious cinematic...Read More