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Sonam Kapoor: Fashion tips and more

 Sonam Kapoor: Fashion tips and more

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose.”
—Lauren Hutton
So, if your favourite fashion diva happens to be Sonam Kapoor, you might as well want to imbibe her guidelines on skin care secrets, make-up tips, hair styling and overall beauty. After all, she is known for her global appeal and is highly admired for her sense of style and her bold statements.
First up, Sonam appreciates the importance of nutrition and exercise and what a drastic impact it can make on your daily appearance. It is no secret that a nutritious diet is the primary factor for glowing skin, beautiful hair and an attractive body. Sonam’s secret for internal health is having six protein rich small meals per day instead of three to four meals that are high in carbohydrate. This is a great way to reduce the extra flab and maintain a healthy weight. Thirty minutes of cardio coupled with a wholesome diet may be enough to begin for all Sonam Kapoor fans who wish to follow her footsteps.
A blemish free, soft supple skin means a never ending chain of complements that brighten up your day. Sonam suggests wearing a sunscreen lotion that has a 30 or above SPF. A good moisturizing daily sunscreen is to your skin the same way brushing is to your teeth. Sonam steers clear of chemical skin care products. She suggests using milk or yogurt mixed with besan as a natural astringent.
Needless to say, Sonam has the ‘biggest collection of perfumes ever’, but it is all about matching the scent to your mood and the ambience. You may want to keep an everyday perfume and one for special occasions.
While ‘au naturale’ may not be everybody’s best look, sometimes the best look come from little or the all-natural make up. After all, smoky eyes look perfect almost on everybody. And, to go by Sonam’s style, try dotting around the upper and lower eye lashes with a black eye pencil and smudge it around the ends of each eye to give that mysterious look. Consider flaunting an eye shadow but pay close attention to the colours simply because all colours don’t suit everybody. Sonam suggests defining the lashes with mascara.
A good moisturiser, concealer, and a powder foundation are the only three things that come handy for Sonam Kapoor, when it comes to makeup. However, if you choose to use a concealer to hide the eye bags or acne, remember not to overdo it. Just like fashion is never complete without makeup, makeup is never complete without a touch of lipstick. While a red lipstick is Sonam’s favourite to jazz up an outfit, she loves to keep it soft and neutral with a muted pink or brown-pink lipstick on other occasions.
Get inspired by her candid tips and see what looks good on you rather than blindly following everything and looking like a fashion victim.

Megha Vaishnav

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