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Squat toilets Vs Western commodes – Which one is better for you?

 Squat toilets Vs Western commodes – Which one is better for you?

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, we all are particularly cautious; be it washing our hands before and after eating something or while going to the toilet. Speaking of toilets, do you become self-conscious when people discuss one’s bathroom habits? There is hardly anyone who discusses it because we do not count it as an appropriate discussion topic.

However, it is vital to state that the excretory system is one of the essential parts of our body that enables the removal of excess and unnecessary materials from the body. Similarly, the large intestine is responsible for turning food waste into stool and passing it through the body when poop. Therefore, pooping is crucial to rid our bodies of unnecessary materials effectively.

But did you know that it is equally vital to consider how you poop? (P.s please don’t be disgusted by the word poop which you may see more than a few times while reading the article; we all do it, and we can’t live without it).

Most people have been using the commode toilet for the longest time, while countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia use squat toilets. Hence, if you have ever been to any of these countries, you would know what I am talking about; you may also recall many tourists pointing out their disgust against the dirty squat toilets in public areas. But we could say the same thing about the commodes you find in any pubs or bars in different corners of western countries.

Despite the bad reputation and image of the squat toilet in Western countries, you would be surprised to know several benefits associated with them.

Why are squat toilets good for you?

Medical experts and gastroenterologists have pointed out that a squat toilet requires people to sit at a 35-degree angle. Besides, the position widens the anorectal angle, enabling the clearer and straight passing of the tool. On the contrary, while using the commode, you are sitting at a 90-degree angle, leading to haemorrhoids, constipation, colon diseases, and other issues.

Squatting squeezes your stomach, which aids digestion by pressing, pressurizing and churning the food in your stomach. Unfortunately, sitting in a western-style toilet does not put any pressure on our stomach and sometimes doesn’t even lead to excellent and satisfactory stool clearance.

Furthermore, let us not forget how the public commodes are filled with germs and bacteria because many people sit on them to do their business. However, since people squat and poop in the squat toilets, there is no skin contact, hence no fear of diseases. Also, another interesting thing about the squat toilets is that most of them have a bum shower instead of toilet paper.

Bum showers are little hose like water-pipe that people use to wash their butts after they are done pooping and flushing the toilet. How is that better than toilet paper? First of all, instead of littering the bathroom or clogging the toilet with soiled toilet paper, it is better to use water to wash your bum. Secondly, it is much more hygienic.

Also, many recent and past researches have highlighted the health and general benefits of squat toilets, but it all comes down to personal preference. For instance, if you are habituated to the western-style toilet, it would be a little hard to switch to squat toilets; however, you can try once and eventually get accustomed to it.

Sameer Salunkhe

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