Biting your nails and picking them is a bad social habit. There are few other things that annoy polite company more than when a person is picking away at that fingernail, or worse, biting it to tease it out.
However, not only is it a bad social habit, it also turns out to be not ideal health wise either. For one, you’re putting your fingers into your mouth, and we all know how dirty hands can get over the course of the day, and how many microorganisms accumulate on them. When you bite your fingernails, you’re giving them all free pass into your mouth, and into your stomach. Say hello to infection-ville.
Also, it can result in paronychia, a medical term for infection of the skin surrounding the nail. There can we redness, swelling, pain and discomfort around your fingernails that are all signs of infection.
In addition, if you have a wart, biting your nails is a sure fire way to increase your risk of spreading warts to other parts of your hands. Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), a virus that spreads as an infection. The more open skin you have, the more the virus spreads.
So how do we stop ourselves from biting away at our fingernails? Experts say that people bite their nails as a way to channel stress. So they recommend we pick up another way to channel it, like playing with a keychain or tearing up a piece of paper, which will have the same effect but will save our nails.

Damien Peters

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