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How to stop feeling like a loser

 How to stop feeling like a loser

Many times people are trapped between handling innumerable circumstances which upon not being fixed on time makes them feel like a loose. One needs to clearly understand those bad days won’t automatically switch to good ones and consume all your problems, you need to associate yourself in the task and come out as a winner by dealing with them. Infact, “you are never a loser unless you quit trying” clearly symbolizes how one should look forward to their problems and come out as a winner by fixing them and learning from them.
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Whatever has been the situation, it’s time that you fix it soon even when you consider yourself incompetent to change the situation by solving your problem. Remember, nothing in the world can make you feel better until you take an effort yourself to feel better. Doesn’t matter how far you are from your goal or how many times you have been kicked down by others, all that matters is recollecting your past experiences and rising above your failure.
There’s always a way out to all your problems
Don’t forget that you are into the situation all because of your indecisions that you made in the past. It’s time that you exactly have the idea of what went wrong so that it is not repeated in the future. Also, you need to know what you did was wrong and what to do next, whom to call or whom to ask for help. It is of no sense that you prolong the task of decision making and procrastinate it for future when you know that you don’t have any other choice but to make the hard decision then why not do it today itself. Take out off your mind that making decision will make you a feel like a loser for the fear of making a bad decision.
Stop considering yourself a loser at the firstplace
People will only give you respect if you give yourself some at the firstplace. Don’t feel lead_largedisheartened that your task could not be completed instead use this time to learn from your failed decisions and come up with a new framework for your task. Repeated failure in getting jobs marks or promotions are some of the common problems faced by individuals these days due to which they start considering them loser and also start acting like one as if they can’t do anything in the world. They start portraying an image to the audience that they are “good for nothing” and thus should not be hired or bothered for any task. Come out of these personality failures soon if you wish to emerge as a winner. You can only be a winner in others eyes if you are one in yours.
Remember “where there is a will, there is a way” a popular saying to inspire you through all your odds and help you emerge as a winner.

Priyam Chatterjee

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