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Write awesome subject lines for your email newsletter

 Write awesome subject lines for your email newsletter

Do you have the idea that email newsletters which you publish for your products can serve as an efficient marketing tool? This might be possible only if you come up with some eye-catching as well as amazing subjects for your upcoming newsletter. Here we are to present you with ideas that would help you write engaging subject lines.

  • Try to ask questions- generally it is a human tendency to showcase curiosity towards various questions asked from them. Making use of questions in the subject of your newsletter may lead people to open up your email in order to find all the answers.
  • Keep it short and simple- subject lines should be around 50 words and not anything more than that.  Perhaps, your subject line should be such that it provides all the required information in that concise word limit. You can achieve this by basically sticking to the primary keywords and avoiding the use of unnecessary articles like “an” or “the”.
  • Take help from newspaper headlines- for reference you can take the help of newspaper headlines and learn how newspapers convey any important message within a limited space and word limit. Pick up a few characteristics from them so as to keep your message short yet informative at the same time.Email-Marketing-Tips-for-automotive-repair-shops-300x300
  •  Avoid the use of Spamming Flags- many times our customers are not able to view the newsletter written by us. The reason being that it has been filtered as spam. You clearly do not want your hard work dedicated towards writing the newsletter to go in vain. Thus, try and avoid making use of words that feature in spam emails like all capital letters in subject or excessive use of punctuation to name a few.
  • Test your newsletter- a few tests can be performed on your email newsletter to have an idea that it won’t feature as a spam mail. Firstly, show it to your colleagues and peers and ask them f it looks appealing to their eyes. If not, make necessary changes before publishing it. Next, you can send an email with your subject line. This will give you an idea of the fact that whether your subject is intriguing enough to attract buyers. At last, confirm by sending the email to various email services and ensure that it doesn’t appear as a spam mail.
  •  It should be legal- going by the rules of the Can-Spam Act of 2003; your email subjects should highlight the entire content of your email. In fact, your email newsletter should fulfil the entire criterion that is present on your email subject according to the federal law.

email-marketingThus, it is for you to understand that your newsletter would do no good to you unless your customers have gone through them.  If the subject of the newsletter doesn’t interest the customer or appears as spam in his mail then it will do more harm to you than good. Your customer may delete that email costing you some money. However, an interesting subject can surely fetch you benefits in the long run by generating huge revenue.

Priyam Chatterjee

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