Accordingly to astrology, all the astrological signs are uniformly categorized into four ‘elements’ – Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

The professional term used to describe these categories is called ‘triplicies’, since each of these elements includes three zodiac signs. If you figure out what element rules your zodiac sign you can understand several of your most characteristic personality traits. By finding out what elements govern which astrological signs, you can understand people better, which will help you in communicating with them in a more successful way.

When you contact a professional astrologer, he/she will evaluate your planets and your rising sign based upon your sign’s governing element. Also keep in mind that in astrology, all the planets revolve around the Sun and therefore it demands some extra attention.

FIRE – Exudes Spirit and Energy

Aries (March 21 – April 20)           Leo (July 23 – Aug 23)           Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

The fire signs are known to be imparted with power and light. They usually have a creative outlook towards everything and are highly enthusiastic and full of energy. Fire signs love experimenting with new concepts and ideas and therefore being a trendsetter comes naturally to them. We have seen in the past that fire signs are the most inspirational born leaders and others are drawn to them. Typical fire sign traits include a broad vision, self-confidence, passion, positive attitude and high ideals. Also these signs show a great sense of initiative and courage because of which fire signs are said to rule the spirit and primal force of life.

The three fire signs tend to have strong egos, so they are often the centre of attention and that too without putting a lot of effort. People who belong to this element put great emphasis on individuality and independence.

Aries which is the first zodiac sign exhibits some of these characteristics most evidently. Aries is the most powerful entrepreneurial sign, always inventing new ideas and methods and finding some brilliant fresh starts. Armed forces and various different types of business sectors are their natural arenas. Aries are self-motivated people and therefore they remain at their happiest when they are self-employed or when they are heading their departments.

Leo, the next fire sign believes in expressing the fire traits in a more cultural and creative manner. Leos are often gifted actors, painters, writers and designers and no matter what other areas of work they have, you will always find a bit of performer in them.

Sagittarians express their energy globally, through the mediums of education, travel, research and scholarship. They love to accumulate, synthesize and guard historical knowledge and facts which is why this sign is incredibly philosophical. Sagittarians are quite creative in the way they interpret the information they have absorbed and they are known to utilize their knowledge in order to understand the complexities of humanity’s universal language.

EARTH – Exudes Form and Structure

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)        Capricorn (Dec 22 – January 20)        Virgo (Aug 24 – Sept 22)

Earth signs build things. They provide impressive forms, structures and foundations to projects, businesses and everything else that needs it. They are the producing signs, the ones who make things happen in real. Earth signs are known to turn dreams into reality. These are the most organized people who understand all the steps a project needs to take, from the planning process, to setting up a budget, to scheduling deadlines, to governing the work flow till the very completion of the project.

Earth signs are dedicated and responsible people on whom you can totally rely and expect a good follow-through. They are blessed with the talent of utilizing available resources and making the most of them even when the availability of resources is not all that impressive. The success of these signs lies behind their ‘earthy’ practicality. They are most perceptive and realistic people – you will not find any self-delusions here. They are also gifted with an uncannily precise sense of timing, an impressive asset one can possess in any endeavor.

They are loyal and patient, their mental state remains strong and stable. Their naturally cautious and conservative personality prevents them from rushing-in or wasting time, money or energy. They prefer to make long-range plans and are highly ambitious and goal-oriented people. This group possesses a powerful will to succeed and usually they do achieve success in whatever endeavors they venture into.

In Taurus, the Earth element can be seen in their powerful desire to seek out security and material possessions. People belonging to this sign usually have a sensuous nature and they have a knack for tangible things which makes them fantastic museum curators since they like protecting and evaluating the value of priceless artifacts.

In case of Virgos, you can find the Earth element in their characteristics of protecting health. Virgos make successful biologists, fitness instructors and doctors. Virgo leads the sixth house, covering the well-being of the body and also it safeguards the daily work mechanism and service.

Another way in which Virgos express their earthiness is in their inclination for thorough research and powerful organization, which they make sure to fine-tune for best performances. Virgos make wonderful writers, accountants, managers, librarians or any other areas where organizational skills are required.

Capricorns make use of their earth characteristics in order to communicate chain of command within large organizations or in the government. They respect hierarchy and this leads them to increased career authority and social standing. Capricorns usually excel by functioning within large organizations as leaders of their departments or as the company CEOs.

AIR – Possession of Intellect and Powerful Abilities to Communicate

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)             Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 23)             Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 18)

The three air signs are all about movement and communication of ideas. Air signs are the most intellectual lot. Restlessness and curiosity are their innate characteristics. They continually hunger for new ideas and for that they are always on a look out for new inspirations. They are rational, verbal, versatile, alert and quick. They have confidence on their charm and magnetism, that they can use these traits to get out of any difficult situations. They are resourceful enough to make brilliant outcomes from the hardest situations. Outgoing and social, Air signs love to collect information, they study objectively and then they disseminate it to everyone else. Often they are accused to be unemotional and objective of all signs. They value truth and realism, prefer to see both sides before opposing an issue.

Gemini’s are always on an expedition to analyze, blend and probe information which they need to thoroughly understand various issues. This sign’s need to communicate is the strongest among all the zodiac signs. They make brilliant writers, journalists or editors since they are the happiest when they are in news rooms, airports, nightclubs or anywhere else where things just keep on happening.

Librans strives for balance and a proper reaction to an action. You will find many Librans in judicial systems – they make excellent lawyers, judges and prosecutors. They also make fine artists since they are good at finding ideal proportion, balance and harmony.

Aquarians are the most inventive people, from among the three air signs. They use their intellect to push technology as far as possible, way into the future and by doing so, they raise the standard of living of their fellow men. Aquarians usually do well in areas such as natural sciences, politics, new technologies and social workers or reformers.

WATER – Brings Emotional Sensitivity and Intuition

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)             Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)            Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20)

Water can acquire many forms – liquid, gaseous (steam) and solid (frozen). It can be as gentle as a baby’s laughter and as violent as a thunderous storm.

Passionate and sensitive, water signs feel things deeply, however, they are emotionally reserved. Water signs are surrounded by mysteries (especially Scorpions). They become quiet and withdrawn when they are trying to sort things out. It takes some time to get to know them since they do not reveal themselves that easily. Their intense emotions hold incredible power, so they handle their feelings carefully. When in love, they devote themselves completely and wholeheartedly. Romantic, sentimental and often psychic, they can read your true intentions simply by reading your gestures and body language. They trust actions more than words (Pisceans, in particular have this talent).

Water cleanses and sustains life, it is a universal solvent and it breaks substances down to dissolve them – taking on their qualities. Therefore they are great companions – they solve your problems as if it were their own. And since they give off themselves so easily, they need frequent unaccompanied sessions where they regain their center.

Water rules the soul. These signs do not like to be confined; they express their strong need for freedom, no matter how gently (unlike fire signs). This group is a highly creative and imaginative of all, their observations often inspire masterpieces of music, paintings, photography, etc. They make wonderful artists. They are great in the finance sectors too.

Cancer expresses their water traits by nurturing and protecting their families. Sharing love with partner and with children is of paramount importance to them and they take the role of provider very seriously.

Scorpio’s domain is to explore sexual and financial transactions between individuals. The sign’s sexual side represents its control over the perpetuation of species. The symbol of the sign itself represents birth, death and regeneration. Scorpio’s possess a shrewd business sense and therefore they make excellent negotiators. Their mysterious persona inhibits them from divulging any information to the other side.

Pisceans is the last sign and a compilation of all the signs, which is why Pisceans blend so well with all the other signs. They are usually highly spiritual in nature and they use this ability to help others. They can totally devote themselves for other people’s cause. They are the rulers of sacrifice and there is almost nothing they won’t do in order to help a relative or a friend in need.

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