Visiting your dermatologist regularly is recommended. They’re specialists and know what to look for, and they can warn you of pitfalls much more in advance than if you were on your own. But having knowledge is never a bad thing, so today we’re giving you a list of skin symptoms that should get alarm bells ringing in your head, because they’re all telling you that you’re unhealthy.
1. Eye bags and puffiness
High-sodium foods and a diet rich in salt can promote water retention throughout the body, including the under-eye area. This can happen due to chronic allergies, or due to the old chestnut: not enough sleep. If it’s the former, consult your doctor and get some anti-histamine prescriptions. If it’s the latter, well, see if you can get some sleep medication provided relaxing and stress busting doesn’t help.
2. Blue shins or gums
This may suggest adverse reaction to some medicines that you’ve recently used, but if the blue has a grey tint to it, it may indicate chronic ingestion of lead products. So if you see anything blue or grey on your shins or gums, run to your dermatologist now.
3. Dry skin or nails
If your skin becomes dry and your hair and nails become brittle, this could potentially point to a thyroid problem. Skin should always appear smooth, with no rashes, swelling or scales. Especially dry skin may be due to a lack of sufficient vitamin A, essential fatty acids like omega-3s, or zinc. Get a nutritional check done and hit those deficiencies as quickly as you can.

Daisy Akhtar

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