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Long flights bring with them aches and pains to the joints and muscles. What if you could do some simple stretches that keep them away? Here we bring you three of the easiest ones.
For all the miracles of air travel, they haven’t been able to dispel the leg aches and ear aches from the experience. In fact, as airliners work ever harder to put the squeeze on consumers, leg rooms are only getting smaller. We’ve all been in long flights where we get disembark with no feeling in our legs. Then we wobble and stumble embarrassingly in front of our co-passengers.
Here are a few simple things that you can do on your long flight to prevent yourself from becoming a wreck of aches and pains.
1. Engage your core
This basically means sit up straight in your seat. Too many of us slouch while sitting, especially in an economy seat when there is a movie playing in front of us. You want your core to be working subtly at all times, so remind yourself to sit up straight, and though it will feel difficult at the start, you will get the hang of it soon enough. Doing abdominal contractions and relaxations is also good.
2. Open your chest
Sit forward in your chair as much as it is allowed, clasp your hands behind your back, and pull your shoulders outward and behind you. This will not only open up your chest, but will loosen all the shoulder and upper back muscles.
3. Push yourself off your seat
Put your hands next to you on either side, and push yourself up so that you’re hovering in the air, an inch or two above your seat. This will ensure more core engagement, and will keep the blood flowing.

Divya Mangal

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