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Our default excuse for not working out is that we don’t have time. In this article, we take a look at just how much time is required to make a change to your life. The answer may surprise you.
What is your favourite excuse for not exercising? Not that I’m a psychic, but let me guess. You just don’t have time, do you? Just like me. I tell myself that I must wake up in the morning and do my abdomen crunches, that I must take a walk during lunchtime at work, that I must do my jumping jacks as soon as I return home, that I must make it a point to take out my bike at least once a week…
But I don’t do any of that. Why? I don’t have time. Or so I tell myself.
How long do you have to exercise to get a noticeable change in your personality and productivity? Yoga teacher Kate Kendall says as little as two minutes can make a difference. Yes! Two minutes. Are you saying that you don’t have two minutes to spare in your day?
Fine, two minutes are not going to give you that swimmer’s body, but it will at least make a difference. And two minutes every day can add up very quickly to add years to your life. If you’re struggling with motivation, welcome to the club. Don’t we all?
The best way to stay motivated is to make allowance for exercise or meditation in your daily schedule where everything else goes off. That means the phone is off, you’re not checking your email, you’re not talking to anybody, etc. You’re just by yourself, and you’re turning inward while breathing deeply and moving your arms and legs.
Now how relaxing can that be! So go on, give it a go before saying you don’t have time.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

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