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Maggi is back, so to celebrate the favourite brand’s return, we thought it will be nice to recall some old favourite recipes of the favourite noodle brand. Whether you’re married or unmarried, with our without kids, you will find something to your taste here.

Maggi has made a return to the shelves of supermarkets, much to Nestle’s relief (and, we suspect, to the relief of Indian bachelors the world over), and though reports indicate that the taste is not quite the same, we still think that a refresher course of Maggi recipes can never go out of fashion. So here it is, your favourite noodle brand, in four different avatars.


1. Fried Maggi
In two tablespoons of oil in a pan, add finely chopped onions, green chillies capsicum and tomatoes and sauté for a few seconds on medium flame. Add salt to taste. Now add the Maggi taste maker along with a spoon of soya sauce and mix well. After adding boiled vegetables and stirring until brown, add 2-2.5 cups of water and bring to boil. On a lower flame, stir until the noodles become soft and strain the water. Leave it on the pan for a while to allow the noddles to dry.
Serve and enjoy!

2. Maggi with eggs
Make your own version of egg noodles by first breaking one or two eggs and whisking them like you would for an omelette. Feel free to add spices of your choice to this and keep it ready. Introduce it to a pan on which two tablespoons of oil has been put to lubricate the base. Break the eggs into small pieces and wait for a few minutes. Then add water and stir thoroughly. Last, add the Maggi noodles and the taste maker at the same time. Place the lid and let it cook for five to ten minutes on a low flame for a beautiful, lasagne-like consistency.

3. Street masala Maggi
Chopped ginger and green chillies are the base on which you will make street masala Maggi. Like all street food, there should be a zing to this after you finish. Onion will go into the pan after ginger and green chillies, and sauté for a few minutes. Add salt, bell pepper, tomato and capsicum to this and mix the spices well. Then add a cup of peas, water and tastemaker, and then at the very end, add noodles. Cook for a few minutes and your delicious street food version of Maggi is ready.

4. Noodle Cutlet
Maggi be used as filling in cutlets and spring rolls as well. Though this is not to everyone’s taste, when done well, you could trick yourself into thinking that you’re eating at a fancy five-star restaurant. For cutlets, you will use a mixture of besan, yellow corns and mashed boiled peas as the base, to which you will add noodles and your choice of spices such as cumin powder, masala, turmeric powder etc. Then place these on oil and fry them in a shallow manner.

Harshit Sinha

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