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40 Men’s fashion blunders need to stop doing

 40 Men’s fashion blunders need to stop doing

Following are a few mistakes usually committed in men’s fashion. Well, let us teach you how to be classy.

  1. Baggy clothes- they are overrated when it comes to men’s fashion. They make you look like you’re wearing sloppy hand-me-downs. If well-fitting clothes are hard to find for your size, thenmake your tailor your best buddy.
  2.  Wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie
  3. Shoes that are clean, free of scratches and dirt are signs of a stylish man.
  4. Warped shoes – always have two pairs of dress shoes in the same color so you can avoid the ones with sweat and all the stretching.
  5. Improper pants length
  6. Wrong socks with a suit
  7. Wrong belt color
  8.  Improper tie length
  9. Forgetting the necktie dimple
  10. Being “buttoned” up- The secret is to always leave the bottom button undone.
  11. Socks and sandals- It’s not supposed to be done that way. Case closed!
  12. Cartoon clothing
  13. Dress socks not long enough – according to the men’s fashion bible, your socks should come up till your calves, and stay right there.
  14. Wearing the wrong colors – It’s very important to match the color of your clothes to your skin tone.
  15. Wrinkled clothing
  16. Wrong casual tie
  17. Too many colors
  18. Wearing a backpack with a suit
  19. Unflattering hairstyles
  20. Excess cologne
  21. Too much jewelry
  22. Hairstyle- keepit short and neat, that look is so much better than you trying to hide your bald spot.
  23. Sweatpants in public
  24. Oversized branding
  25. T-shirts tucked in
  26. Crew neck tee under a dress shirt
  27. Cell phone clipped to your belt
  28. Square toe shoes
  29. Avoid mixing too many patterns or prints together, be it casual or formal.
  30. Mismatching styles- Keep your outfits coherent and matching in style.
  31. Bulky pockets
  32. Dirty nails
  33. Your facial hair should be well groomed
  34. Hair at the back of your neck
  35. Excessive hair product
  36. Wearing sandals outside the beach or pool
  37. Not tucked in dress shirts
  38. Keep in mind an undershirt is supposed to be under.
  39. Not taking care of that unibrow.
  40. Wearing athletic socks, for totally non athletic occasions

Fashion industry is filled with famous fashion designers who come up with exquisite designs, but even these people might have commit some blunder at some point of time.

Tina Dayal

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