7 Gadgets for the Travellers

 7 Gadgets for the Travellers

Travelling has become exceedingly convenient nowadays. You can reach destinations which are thousands of miles away in a matter of just a few hours. Advancement in technology, right? The same technology is responsible to keep you entertained while you travel. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most useful/entertaining gadgets you would like to carry around while travelling from point A to point B.
Smartphone – If you have a great phone, you probably don’t need any of other gadgets. If your smartphone can click good pictures even when the lighting is not all that great, you won’t need to carry around a DSLR. Pick a phone with good battery life and a sturdy body if you are going on an adventure trip. Whoever said that your smartphone is your one true soul-mate was indeed a genius!
Portable Refrigerator – It’s amazing when you are able to enjoy your favourite snacks or cold drink whenever and wherever you want. It sounds like a dream, right? Well, get a portable refrigerator and this dream will turn into a reality. These refrigerators can work on RV or boat batteries. You can even connect them to a solar panel.
Gaming Handhelds – Video gaming is a form of art to many of us! While assembling a powerful home console is the ultimate dream of every gamer, the importance of a handheld console can’t also be ignored. While travelling, if you have a gaming console like Nintendo 3DS XL, Sony PlayStation Vita or Nvidia Shield, you won’t even realise where all the time went.
iPod or MP3 Player – “Music is the most popular language in the world.” So when you travel the world, your iPod or MP3 player acts like a universal thesaurus. Yes, you could use your phone in order to listen to music, but why waste the battery of your phone when you can carry a tiny little iPod along, with amazing sound quality and a wide variety of additional features.
Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds – Noise cancelling ear phones or headphones are a life saver. When we commute via a public transport system we often find it difficult to comprehend what the other person is saying on the phone. That’s because of the excessive ambient noise. Noise cancelling earbuds reduce the excessive ambient noise. Opt for brands like Audio Technica, their earbuds work just fine and you’ll get them in less than US $70.
Radar Detector – If you are driving, this gadget is particularly helpful. Radar Detector identifies the applicable speed limits, so you can travel at maximum allowed speed, without offending the law.
Kindle Paperwhite – There’s nothing like reading a great book during a long journey. And with Kindle Paperwhite you don’t even have to carry a bunch of books around.

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