‘Achieving volume on hair is one of the most difficult hurdles. In our article, we look at a few quick tips and tricks for the beauty-conscious, time-strung lady.’
If you’re a woman, you know how important your hair is in order to look your best. Nothing screams beautiful or stunning like a full head of lush shiny hair that you can flaunt in various styles. Various studies have proven that one of the first things that a man notices about a woman is her hair, and what’s more, he makes quick instinctive judgements based on how her hair looks. With so much riding on it, we’ve decided to give you a few quick and easy tips on how to boost the volume of your hair – no matter what ‘type’.
1. Massage your scalp
The health of your hair begins at the roots. So when you wash your hair, resist the temptation to lovingly caress your hair from half-way down, and spend more time massaging your scalp and thoroughly cleaning the roots. Ensure that the shampoo you’re using is a good one (a big brand is usually good), and also that you reach in properly and massage closely with your fingers.
2. Get hair extensions
This is artificial, so the easiest and most convenient way to add volume to your hair. But bear in mind that this is only treating the symptom and not the disease. Though it may make you look better, the inner confidence that you will get from a natural treatment will not happen in this case. Less pain, less gain.
3. Use hot rollers
The bigger the curl, the more volume for your hair. To achieve the biggest possible curl, set the hair in stand-up pin curls or with heated rollers. To achieve best results, hold up a hand spray while you style. After the spray is applied, allow your hair to dry and then style it as required.
4. Maintain the lift
Pull your hair into a ponytail or a bun when you leave the house and let it down when you’ve reached your destination. This will prevent your hair from going flat, and it will preserve the waves or curls that you’ve put into it during styling. Just ensure that your pony or bun is loosely enough tied so as to not leave any indentations from the hair band.
5. Use spray as a lifter
If your hair is dry and you’re short on time, try using a hair spray on the roots by holding your hair upside down. Wait a few seconds for the spray to dry before you tackle another section of your hair. Repeat as many times as necessary. Once you’re done, use your fingers to style your hair into place. For lifting on wet hair, misting on a volumising spray will help. You can then blow dry your hair after you lift it. Do one small section at a time.

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