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A new initiative enables Sikh doctors to keep their beards intact by wearing masks differently.

Sikh doctors faced restrictions regarding performing their duties due to wearing improper fitting masks. For instance, Dr Damandeep Singh, a young ENT registrar, was debarred from carrying out their duties among many other Sikh doctors who have facial hair. Consequently, they were asked to shave off their beards for health and safety protocols. But cutting...Read More

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Seeing India through a comedian’s eyes

Indians are not particularly renowned for their sense of humour. That does not mean they do not have one; many opine it is more nuanced and refined. The truth is that Indians have a more complicated relationship with comedy and humour. Traditionally, light-hearted community-based and family jokes are received well. In addition, mimicry and political...Read More

Covid 19

The Strangers Bringing Back Australian Children Home

Anne Hollonds who is the National Commissioner for Children in India has instructed the federal government of Australia to intensify its efforts to take over 200 stranded Australian children back to their home country. There are some good Samaritans too who are prepared to help these children. Many of these stranded children being catered for...Read More

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Twitter initiates new policy: Set to ban users who spread Covid-19 Disinformation

The new policy will permanently ban offenders who repeatedly spread misinformation about the Virus. In a recent statement, Twitter says it will issue warnings to users who spread misleading information about coronavirus. The strike system will be implemented on a gradual basis. Users who fail to comply will have their accounts permanently suspended on the...Read More