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After migrating from Punjab to Australia in 2008, Able Seaman Mandeep Gill completed a masters in engineering management and a masters in engineering telecommunications.

Now an electronics technician in the Royal Australian Navy, Able Seaman Gill dreamt of joining the Indian Navy when he was young as he was drawn to the ships.

“I joined the ADF, and Navy, as it aligned with my moral values and it is what I believe in. The values are probably the main reason I signed up as I wanted to work for an organisation that I associated with,” Able Seaman Gill said.​

With his experience, he eventually wants to commission to be a weapons electrical engineering officer.​

“I already have a background from my study but it’s great with the hands-on experience, being at sea, getting to talk to my ship mates, and working on the systems is something I enjoy,” he said.​

Newly posted to HMAS Choules, Able Seaman Gill kicked off his seagoing career with exercises Talisman Sabre and Malabar.​

“It’s great being able to participate in these exercises. Even though my role is not front-facing with the Indians it’s nice to work with the country I grew up in,” Able Seaman Gill said.​

As a Sikh, his religion is important to him, and Navy embraces that by allowing him to wear a turban with his uniform.​

“During my training, even when having to don an OCCABA [breathing apparatus] and having to remove my turban, the trainers were really supportive, helpful and respectful of my religion and culture.​

“I love how people embrace my culture. Even one of the chefs on board asked for my dahl recipe and then made it for the mess, and it was almost perfect.”

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