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Planning a business in Australia!? Just proceed without a second thought! The Oz government has decided to reboot the visa program and give wings to your dreams. The country has been recognized all round the globe for its economic stability and has been successfully serving as nectar for all the business minded and nature lovers. Owing to the attraction of potential migrants and the tech progress in the region, the significant investor visa program, that was launched last November, is to be reshaped and prioritized.
Minister Morrison reportedly quoted at a recent conference of the MIA, that the revision of the visa program was necessary, looking at the prolix procedures of the same. The economy was losing its potential investors to other alternatives. As per the new format, the investor is supposed to put in $AUD 5 billion for immigration. Perhaps, this would compensate for the financial loss and boost up the Oz economy.
However, people who risk their capitals and create business, few of them have agreed over investing around $AUD 2 billion. The minister also spoke over looking forward to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups ,in particular; aided by attractive provisions under the immigration program. The Australian government will focus on the residence requirements for the applicants and  their family members.
This flexible approach towards reviewing the investment criteria would convey open business on visa. More than its commencement; investors are zealous for the remodeling of visa program.
So, there’s a lot much going on there which would certainly make you think of immigrating _for business or pleasure!

Pawan Mishra

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