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Australian Immigration Minister might turn 457 Visa programme around

 Australian Immigration Minister might turn 457 Visa programme around

People are hoping for the newly elected government of Australia to remove the red tape on 457 visa programme that was brought in by the previous serving government. The concerned ministers have clearly states that they will not tolerate any form of abuse as such. Lately, discussions have been taking place regarding amendments and some people consider that there is a requirement of arduous labour market testing. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison clearly pointed out that there will not be any form of leeway when it comes to abuse.
Scott Morrison after being sworn as the Immigration Minister highlighted in his speech that those people who are found to violate 457 visa programmes will be severely punished under the Australian laws of jurisdiction. Furthermore, he added that all the employers as well as industries need to keep this under the mandate that none of their employees are supposed to violate 457 Visa policies and if done so, then will be faced with strict actions. He emphasized on the fact that the coalition government headed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott firmly believed in skilled migration.
The inception of the 457 visas came into being in the year 1996 and has been a constant mainstay for the programme of skilled migration. But the government is still tight-lipped regarding the proposals made by the labour government to repeal the changes. Morrison was repeatedly emphasizing on the fact that there is certain level of segregation which lies between red tape and heavy-handed regulation which stifles ingenuity and business productivity.

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