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Made in India Magazine | October 17, 2021

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Ayushmann Khurrana Tells How Andhadhun "Made Him as an Actor"

Ayushmann Khurrana Tells How Andhadhun “Made Him as an Actor”

| On 14, Oct 2019

AndhaDhun, the National Award-winning film, clocked a year on Saturday since its release. While reminiscing on the movie’s journey so far, one of the major characters in the film, Ayushmann Khurrana, who was super nostalgic, said he was so grateful to live for helping him to handle film projects like this that he can be very proud of. He added that he is a persistent learner of the art of film acting.

The movie “AndhaDhun,” produced by Sriram Raghavan, also helped Ayushmann to win the National Award for Best Actor.

For Ayushmann, the movie was a major experience for him and just like it is commonly said that every experience is something someone should learn from, Ayushmann made use of his experiences from the film quite well. He recently discussed how the film AndhaDhun “shaped” him as an actor.

Ayushmann explained how the suspense thriller taught him to face his challenges and inhibitions. According to him: “As an artist, I am consistently learning the art of acting. I am always on the lookout for movies that will make me perform better, movies like that challenge my belief and my thinking, and open me up to assimilate new challenges and things. AndhaDhun is truly one of such movies that have positively shaped my life and career as an artist today.”

He continued: “the movie has trained me to face my challenges and inhibitions. It also showcased a totally different aspect of my acting, which did not only surprise me, but also my audiences were pleasantly surprised too. I am also grateful to Sriram Raghavan, my director, who entrusted me with his vision. I am also grateful to live for helping him to handle film projects such as this that I am very proud of.”


Due to his performance in the movie, Ayushmann was given the National Film Award of being the best actor of the year. The film itself received the award for being the Best Hindi Film of the year. It also received an honour for its screenplay writer.

Ayushmann added that he is looking forward to movies that will make him better.

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