How to Become Super Parents

 How to Become Super Parents

There is no fixed formula that’ll turn you into a super mom or a super dad but try to follow these simple guidelines and the happiness of your child can surely be ensured.
The first thing we all need to understand is the fact that every child is different. Each kid has his/her own requirements of love, levels of attention and toughness. If you realize (after watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel) that an elephant eats around 300kg per day, you can’t try to feed your cat the same amount of food, hoping that she’ll grow as big as an elephant, right? Similarly, appreciate the uniqueness of your kid and offer them what is best for them, not what the general norms are.

  • Always remember that having a child is a privilege. Understand, this bundle of joy, who has brightened your home with love and affection is not your property. Learn to enjoy their company, nurture them and support them but don’t think of them as an investment plan for your future.
  • The biggest mistake parents commit is, they assume that their child will become what they want him/her to become. You can’t mould them according to your ideologies and understandings. If you are a doctor, don’t think that ‘junior’ will also become a doctor or a scientist. Let him be a choreographer or a musician if he wants, only then, the world can progress!virtues-of-a-super-parent-full
  • Don’t spoil them either. Loving your child does not mean that you have to agree to all their decisions and demands.  This will only make them stubborn and lazy. Provide them what’s necessary but also make sure they understand that life doesn’t give you everything you want.
  • Don’t rebuke them for being childish. They are children and the silly things they do all the time are adorable. Once they grow up you will miss this phase of your life. Let them be children, there’s no hurry to become an adult.
  • Get ready to learn new things. When a child comes into your life, your life changes and you need to have the willingness to learn, so that you can adapt to a new lifestyle. You’ll learn many things from the experiences you’ll have with your child, in the process you can learn from them as well. Compare yourself with your kid, who is more capable of bringing joy and laughter into people’s life?
  • Children are naturally spiritual and they should be encouraged to find their own beliefs. Usually, either the parents or teachers or the society meddles with their natural understanding of religion. Create an environment where your child can learn about spirituality on his own.
  • Create a positive and joyous atmosphere at home. If you get panicky or depressed in front of your children, they’ll also start feeling the same.
  • Your children are not your employees so stop behaving like a boss around them. You need to be their friend, instead of a supervisor or teacher. The process of becoming their friend is not that easy but once you’ve gained their trust, you’ll able to guide them in the most effective way possible.
  • You should not seek respect from them, but love. Parents say, “You should respect me and my decisions” but ask yourself what different you are from them. You might be bigger in size and you might know a few extra survival tricks, but this doesn’t mean that your life is better than theirs.
  • Children get influenced by a lot of things. They can get influenced by TV, their friends, their teachers or neighbours. They will adapt to a lifestyle they will find the most attractive. Therefore as a parent, you need to make sure that you are the most attractive thing around them. Lead a positive, compassionate and cheerful life and they will never get drawn towards negativity.

Sumit Panwar

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