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Made in India Magazine | May 15, 2021

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Harshit Sinha

Everything has Bluetooth and wi-fi attached these days, but even wallets? Yes, that’s right; now you can buy a ‘woolet’ – a wallet with Bluetooth – which will buzz when separated from you, make noise when misplaced, charges by itself, and much more.

In the age of the internet, almost every device that we use on a daily basis can be connected to Bluetooth, be converted into a wi-fi router, and so on. Most of these are useless – for instance, what would you do with a microwave oven hooked up to Bluetooth – but every once in a while, you do come across an idea that makes sense.
Like a Bluetooth wallet.
Before you jeer, consider this: what if you could program your wallet so that it sends you a buzz on the phone whenever it gets separated from you by more than a pre-set distance? If you’ve left it at your friend’s place, or if it gets stolen, the alarm bells will start ringing much before they do today because you have your wallet literally crying out for help on your phone. Now if you lose your wallet and phone together, then heaven help you…
There is also an option to make your woolet – yes, that’s what they’re called – emit a sound when it goes too far away, so that you can search for it quite easily in the mess of a home or an office that requires cleaning. Don’t know where you put your wallet? Just hear for that sound from under the pile of unwashed clothes. Your woolet, therefore, can even find itself.
The best feature of a woolet is that it does not require charging. It charges automatically when it’s in your pocket, tapping into your body-heat or just the movement of your body. Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy chips require only a sip of electricity to work, so they can charge your wallet from apparently nothing at all. While this may sound a little fictitious, the technology is present; all that needs to be done now is implementation.
The price is $US99, which is reasonable for a leather wallet with some smarts integrated into it. But it’s still on the expensive side. Once these wallets become ubiquitous, perhaps pickpockets will have more reason to say, ‘Hand over your wallet, even if it’s empty.’
While this is something you can plug together on your own, with a leather wallet and a Bluetooth kit, there is something pleasant about a woolet’s integration, so we recommend you at least check it out.

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