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Women tend to go all out with their hair colours in the summer months. With warmer weather and many outdoor events and festivals, women can be seen rocking nearly every bright colour under the sun. There truly are no limits. When fall arrives, everyone goes back to their more toned-down neutral colours. But who says colourful hair has to end when Summer does? Certainly not London-based hair colorist Carla Rinaldi. Carla is the owner of Not Another Salon in Brick Lane. After posting an image of a hairstyle she created called the “Hidden Rainbow”, Carla’s creation gained a lot of attention, getting over 12,000 likes on the social media platform, Instagram. She also received hundreds of requests for appointments.

So what exactly is the viral and extremely desired “Hidden Rainbow” and why did it become so popular so quickly? Well as the name suggests, it is a hair colour, or various hair colours rather, dyed in vertical stripes to look like a rainbow. The catch is that the dye is hidden in the bottom half of your hair. The beautiful and vibrant colours of the rainbow are therefore visible upon wearing one’s hair in a half up half down hairstyle. However, if all the hair is worn down, you cannot see it.

As for why the style did so well, it gained popularity, first in London where it originated, due to its diversity in how someone can wear their hair. Due to often strict work and office dress codes, employees are often restricted in terms of their ability to express themselves through their hairstyles. With this new style, a person can be office appropriate during work hours but can also be as colourful and expressive as they like outside of the office. This style has since spread all over the world.

The style also appeals to people who would like to try dying their hair in non-traditional colours but are still self-conscious about how it would look. This way, a person can have the option to look more traditional if the situation presents itself where they feel pressured to do so.

The Hidden Rainbow is the perfect compromise to any situation in which a woman’s hairstyle is being dictated by her circumstances, whether it be her career or her own personal feelings. Hair colour is not often as easy to change as tying your own hair up or down. This is why we believe that the hidden rainbow is revolutionary and many more hairstyles will soon follow in its footsteps. We look forward to the future of this idea. Until then, do you dare to dye the rainbow?

Divya Singh

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