Deliver yourself home safely

 Deliver yourself home safely

Safe Work Australia has launched the Deliver yourself home safely ( campaign this week, a national public communications campaign that focuses on the safety of food delivery workers across Australia.

The food delivery industry has experienced significant growth in Australia in recent years, as digital ‘gig economy’ platforms grow in popularity. With this, there has been an increase in not only numbers of people ordering food online, but people working as food delivery workers. These workers use different modes of transport – bicycles, e-bikes, motorbikes, and cars for making food deliveries.

Food delivery workers are at risk of physical and psychological harm at work. The education and awareness campaign is designed to ensure the work, health and safety messages are available to food delivery workers to equip themselves with the knowledge of safety practices, and most importantly deliver themselves home safely.

Why Does Safety Matter?

Many workers in the areas of Food Delivery are either international students and young family members, or people from migrant backgrounds.

  • Average age of riders across Australia is 35, including both men & women.
  • The road to delivery is filled with several challenges which include but not limited to fatigue, potholes, pedestrians, oncoming traffic, weather conditions, and birds.
  • Incorporating better safety practices, will sure ensure reduced risks of road injuries and fatalities and better protection.
Deliver yourself home safely

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