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Ferrari 250 GTO – The Most Sought After Vintage Car

 Ferrari 250 GTO – The Most Sought After Vintage Car

If a ‘genie’ appears in front of you to grant you a wish, do not ask for the winning lottery numbers or a villa on the seaside, instead ask him to magically create a Ferrari 250 GTO. The value of this model which was introduced in 1962 has increased by almost 3000 percent by 2013. The model has smashed all the previous records for the highest price paid for a classic car. Recently, a 250 GTO was bought by a private buyer (who wished to remain anonymous) for a whopping $55 million.
People who are proud owners of this model include personalities like Wal-Mart chairman Robert Walton, DJ/presenter Chris Evans, fashion designer Ralph Lauren and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. This Ferrari model is the most sougferrari_250_gtoht after among vintage car collectors because of its rarity, performance and motorsport heritage. California based dealer, Don Williams says that 250 GTO is considered to be the top car you can include to your collection. “It’s like the Mona Lisa. It has mystique. If you have a GTO, you have a great collection.”

Comfort and Elegance Personified Bentley Flying Spur

Go for a test drive of a Bentley Flying Spur and you will return home either with suicidal thoughts (because you will realize there is no way you can afford this car) or the feeling that you have conquered the world (since you are one of those people who will be able to own this royal treat). Effortless and Graceful are the two adjectives that can describe the features of this luxury on wheels, which has recently been introduced to the Australian market with a price tag of $423,000.
Bentley Flying Spur is like a graceful ballerina but if the need arises, this ballerina can transform into the ‘Wonder Women’ with power like you have never experienced before. The engine under the long bonnet of Spur has been crafted to perfection as it produces an extra 12kW, taking the final count to 460kW. The Spur can hustle from 0 to 100 km per hour in less than 5 seconds. You can drive this limousine at a speed of 322km/hr but if you are in Australia you will get jailed long before it reaches the 150 mark! The interior looks and feels like a five star hotel with double stitched leather seats and the burnished alloy plungers. So are you ready to fly?

Sumit Panwar

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