For those Luscious Pair of Lips…

 For those Luscious Pair of Lips…

Some great tips to get naturally soft, supple, and luscious lips

Iconic actress Judy Garland once quoted, “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”
Would you allow your soul to remain chapped, dry or blemished due to your hectic lifestyle and unhealthy food habits? Well, no one wants that to happen, but then, life takes over and the next thing you know, the lifestyle you live shows up on your physical stature. We all have faced at least one of these problems in our life at some point. Dazzling, naturally pink lips are a sign of good health andalso it is needless to say that they look gorgeous even without a hint of make-up. There are many factors that can make your lips uneven and spotted. Some of the common reasons include sun tan, hormonal changes, changes in weather, ageing and excessive use of chemical based products.
Do’s and Don’ts for vividly healthy lips

  • Apply sunscreen – Always remember to apply sunscreen on your lips before you step out and face the harsh sunlight. Your lips will not feel dry and the moisturiser in the lotion protectsthe lips from becoming dark and patchy.
  • Drink lots and lots of water – Yes, I know this tip has featured in more than a million articles but it’s true that drinking 8-10 glasses of water every dayhelps you in a lot of ways and the health of your lips is just one of them.Keep your body hydrated and get rid of the dryness. Better still, buy those 1L bottles from the shop and make sure you have to fill it twice during the day. Once when you start work and once when you finish lunch.
  • Remove make-up – Before going to sleep make sure to remove lip stick/ gloss and rub your lips with ice cubes for a few minutes.
  • Vitamin A – For better lip health include vitamin A rich food in your diet, common sources being carrots, tomatoes and green leafy vegetables. Swap the fries for a salad and you’re halfway there.
  • Avoid caffeine and smoking – Avoid the intake of too many cups of coffee and tea at least till the time your lips have regained their full health. Try and quit smoking as well, if you want to get rid of dark lips. Take a break from smoking for a week and you will visually see the difference!
  • Apply lip balm prior to sleeping. Look for the brands that offer Pure Shea Butter based lip balms.
  • If none of these work, it’s time you consult a dermatologist and ask for help. Most healthcare extras give you access to one.

Home Remedies and Simple Solutions for Soft, Supple Lips

  • Pour 2 tbsp lime juice and about 1 tbsp honey in a cup and mix well. Apply the combination over the lips and leave it for about 30 minutes. Keep doing that for 4-5 days and you will notice the colour of your lips going lighter. Add a hint of glycerine for better results
  • Take a spoonful of yogurt and add rice powder to it, to form a paste like mixture. Gently exfoliate/scrub your lips with the paste twice everyday.Apply some almond oil or almond milk. Leave it for an hour. Follow this routine for 15-20 days to see positive results.
  • Mix in equal quantities, lime juice, oatmeal, yogurt, honey and egg white. Properly mix the ingredients and apply it on your face, including the lips area. This mixture helps in getting rid of uneven tanning from sun’s UV rays and therefore lightens the skin.
  • Rub a sliver of cucumber on your lips and then leave it for a few minutes. Try doing that every day for excellent results.
  • Apply mint juice or juice extracted from coriander leaves on the lips. It helps in making the lips smooth and naturally pink.

Megha Vaishnav

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