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How to handle and overcome cold calls

 How to handle and overcome cold calls

Sales executives definitely have the most harrowing jobs since it is very usual for them to face cold calls from their prospective customers. That is probably the only way for them to bring prospective clients into their network and make a lucrative profit. But there are ways by which you can handle these calls without losing your own self-esteem. It is very important for sales executives to be trained in handling cold calls where the person on the other end throws curses ruthlessly. Mentioned below are points which will go a long way in helping sales executives survive the brunt of cold calls.
Simple steps to handle cold calls

  1. Start dialing numbers without wasting any time. This should be the first step since it will help you to forget the previous caller and focus on the new one.
  2. The first 30 seconds of a call are very crucial. You are on the top of a hot seat during this time. So, be quick and throw a few keywords that can make a catchy conversation. If you could just sustain for the first 30 seconds, the rest three minutes will be yours. But do remember the fact that most rejections are possible in these 30 seconds.
  3. If the customer is ready to listen, quickly convince for a demo. If they agree to it, you are half done.
  4. Maintain a cordial relationship with the customers in order to keep things on the move.

Reel or real
Now it’s time to find out whether the customer is interested in spending just their time or money. If it’s just their time, you are not for it. Distinguishing these customers might not be easy, but study the person on the other end. You might be able to comprehend whether the person is interested in continuing the conversation or not. Some of them might be polite and humble, but they might not be interested in your product. In such cases, you have to be immensely courteous towards them instead of rebuking them. You have to keep in mind that if the person is not interested in the current product that you are offering, they might show a little more interest in a future product of yours.

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