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Lost and Found in India – Book Review

 Lost and Found in India – Book Review

‘Lost and Found in India’ is written by Braja Sorensen and has been published by Hay House India.
Born and brought up in Australia, Braja Sorensen decided to settle down in India when she was in her late 30s. She had a fabulous career to her name as she had worked in tourism, publishing and television production houses based in countries like US, Britain and Australia. But she always felt a strong connection with India, her ancestral hometown. So, like millions of other tourists, Braja too visited India, but there was something about this country that made her stay there forever.
She and her Dutch husband made India their home by choosing to live in a small village of Mayapur, which is located on the banks of Ganges in West Bengal. Both Braja and her husband have strong inclination towards spirituality. Thus, they picked this beautiful little village as their home, instead of a big city like Delhi or Mumbai. Mayapur offered them the right amount of exposure to Indian culture and traditions.
‘Lost and Found in India’ is Braja’s life-story that how she fell in love with India. Her writing style is humoristic, but there are several occasions where you get to see the dark side of India as well. But according to her, these negatives are way too inconsequential as compared to what this country offers you.
Whether you are an Indian or not, this book is definitely worth a read.

Harshit Sinha

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