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  • Luna Park Sydney officially launches the country’s first permanent immersive experience location, the Immersive Big Top, with a world-first, Australian-made immersive experience – Luna Park Dream Circus
  • The grand opening was attended by more than 1,100 guests, including A-list celebrities, actors, influencers and media
  • Dream Circus will open to the public on 22 December and is set to redefine the entertainment industry in Australia.

Sydney, December 21 2023 – Luna Park Sydney officially unveiled its new, highly-anticipated immersive experience, Dream Circus, at the grand opening last night, introducing a new and exciting era of entertainment for the park that goes beyond the thrills of traditional rides and rollercoasters that it is already known for.

Among the 1,100+ attendees were A-list celebrities, actors, and influencers, who were blown away by the magic of Luna Park Dream Circus. Leading the star-studded lineup were Michael “Wippa” Wipfli, Jayne Azzopardi, Belinda Russell, Amber Sherlock, Erika Heynatz, Finley Tapp, Nikki Webster, Suzan Mutesi, Simon Pryce, Mitch and Mark, Viktoria Novak, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and TikTok sensations Lucy Neville and Nariman Dein.

Dream Circus has set a new standard for entertainment in Australia, proving that the intersection of technology and creativity can deliver magical experiences that captivate audiences of all ages. The launch of this immersive experience solidifies Luna Park Sydney’s place as a global destination for cutting-edge entertainment.

Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney’s CEO John Hughes said: “An unforgettable evening unfolded as Luna Park Dream Circus played host to a gathering of Sydney celebrities, content creators and media, who were captivated by the immersive spectacle. Now, the time has come for all of Sydney to revel in the enchantment, joy, and escapism that this immersive experience offers. Luna Park Sydney is the original home of fun and we are looking forward to enchanting packed audiences throughout the Summer ahead.”

Luna Park Dream Circus under Sydney’s Immersive Big Top will open to the public on 22 December and is set to redefine location-based entertainment in Australia.

“The launch of the Dream Circus marks the beginning of the transformation of Luna Park Sydney” continued Hughes. “Sydney has some of the best creative talent in the world, and we have been so fortunate to work with more than 140 creative practitioners and technologists to create something unique and of great value to Sydney.”

The groundbreaking experience combines 360-degree visual and audio projections, lovable characters and mind-bending worlds, making it an absolute must-see spectacle that will captivate audiences of all ages.

The Dream Circus is like a dream, anything and everything can happen, both strange and wonderful. The show follows the story of ‘Pedro’ the unflappable showman as he manages a cast of performers and encourages them all to revel in the magic. Buckle in and let go of reality, never knowing where you will go, or what will happen next.

The creation of Dream Circus was made possible by Luna Park’s ambitious $15m investment, which saw Sydney’s Big Top reimagined into a permanent, 3,000sqm location-based immersive experience venue. The venue includes projection technology, a spatially mapped audio system, hologram technology and motion-activated LED screens, making it one of the most technologically advanced environments in the country.

Luna Park Sydney

The unique experience has been cultivated by Sydney-based specialist creatives and technicians including Artists in Motion, TDC and Auditoria, who have worked across some of the most complex creative projects in the world.

Tickets for Luna Park Sydney’s Dream Circus can be purchased online at or from the ticket box office at Luna Park Sydney.

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