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Made in India Magazine | September 27, 2021

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Gaurav Malhotra

Moving to South Australia has just become a little easier for Indians because recently, the National Occupations List has taken on a host of new professions and skills that were not present in it before. Armed with the services of the right immigration agency, it could just open the door for you to Australia. Read on.

If you’re somebody in India – or if you have someone in India – keen to move to Australia, the door of opportunity has just become a trifle larger. Many jobs were recently added to the National Occupations List (NOL) for this year, and if you go through the list once, you will find that your chances of moving to Australia have increased manifold.

Since the Australian economy is expanding, more and more jobs are being created with no skills in the populace to match them. If you’re a skilled professional looking for immigration based on your job, then this may be your best opportunity in years to move to South Australia. Please find the full list of occupations at the below link:

Before you wind up operations in your current country of residence, though, make sure that you pay attention to the following issues:

  • The skill that you possess not only appears in the South Australian NOL, but also in the Commonwealth NOL.
  • The skill that you possess is in demand in South Australia, and you can provide evidence of the fact. This will often fast-track your visa process and you will be able to move quickly.
  • Under the skill set, your profile will first be evaluated, and based on the preliminary evaluation, you will be streamlined into the next level.
  • If possible, apply for a family sponsored visa at the same time just in case the skilled professional visa fails to come through for some reason.
  • Get the right immigration attorney or consultant that will get you the right kind of advice in your best interest.
  • Make sure that the immigration agency you choose is certified, and it is available to you throughout the process so that the visa application can be followed through in the best manner possible.

There are now innumerable opportunities to move to South Australia on a skilled professional visa. Call your immigration agent today and explore the possibilities. If all goes well, you could be well on a flight to Australia with a new future ahead of you. All the best!

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    Moving to South Australia has just become a little easier for Indians because recently, the National Occupations List has taken...