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I’m sure we’ve heard many different theories about love. It’s probably the most written-about of all human emotions. But the eternal question has always been: is being likeminded good or is there any truth in the old adage: Opposites attract? Today we’ll look at three advantages of having a partner who is fundamentally ‘wired differently’ to you.
1. You complement each other
Since being together for any reasonable length of time is a matter of teamwork, it will help if the two of you complement one another. Without having to judge one as good and the other as bad, if you focus on how you can work better as a team, being different is a good thing. Differences just mean that you’re good at different things, and if you leave your ego aside and come to the table as team players, it can only be good for you. For instance, if you’re shy and introverted, having an extroverted partner may help in social situations and networking.
2. You learn
It’s not rocket science. We learn more from disagreement and differences of opinion than we do from agreement. If you allow your differences to be learning experiences, it’s perfectly possible to use your partner’s points of difference to enhance your life spiritually, emotionally and physically.
3. You feel good
It’s much easier to share and resolve issues with people who disagree with you than it is with people who agree with you. People who think differently to you can often suggest novel and innovative solutions to your problems. So as long as you’re prepared to discuss and talk, having a ‘different’ partner is a good thing.

Himanshu Yadav

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