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Made in India Magazine | September 18, 2021

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Talwar Couple Guilty of Murdering Daughter Arushi

Talwar Couple Guilty of Murdering Daughter Arushi

| On 25, Nov 2013

It might just be the final countdown to the conclusion of Arushi – Hemraj murder case as a special CBI court convicted Arushi’s father, Dr. Rajesh Talwar and mother, Nupur Talwar for slaughtering their daughter along with the home servant, Hemraj. The duo has been slapped with charges under section 201 i.e. destruction of evidence and 302 i.e. guilty of murder under the Indian Penal Code. Furthermore, the court convicted Rajesh Talwar with section 203 for registering a false FIR, the day after the crime was committed. The Talwars seemed visibly upset after the verdict came out and both of them were pulled into custody right after the session. The hearing for the quantum of the sentence has been scheduled for Thursday and the judge will be taking arguments from both sides.

Finally, the verdict has been announced after five-and-a-half years since the crime was committed on that fateful night. After taking witness testimonies and circumstantial evidences into account, the special CBI court came up with the verdict on Monday. Talwars were always under the impression that they were being framed on the foundation of multiple and absurd conjectures along with witnesses whom they claim, had been tutored by CBI.

The case had opened when 14-year-old Arushi Talwar was found murdered in her room with her throat slit. Initially, the blame was put on Hemraj who was their servant. But the ordinary murder case drastically took a new angle when Hemraj’s body was discovered on the roof of Talwar residence following which, CBI was called to investigate.

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