Smart watches are the next big thing after smart phones. If mobile phones caused a severe downswing in the wristwatch industry, smart watches are likely going to drive the last nail into the coffin. Microsoft has just launched its own smart watch called the Microsoft Band, which is the first product designed by Microsoft Health, a division of the company dedicated to collecting health data so that it can be used for encouraging healthy habits in people.
The Microsoft Band comes with a built-in optical heart rate monitor, but in addition to that it also has a UV sensor to keep track of your sun exposure, a galvanic skin response sensor to measure stress, and built-in GPS. It’s got a 1.4-inch touch screen as well, which will be powered by two 100mAh Lithium-ion batteries.
The device is platform agnostic for the most part, and will talk as easily with your iOS and Android phones as it does with your Windows phone. But the voice commands part of the phone will only work when paired with your Windows phone. So while the band won’t have a problem talking to your phone, it will have a problem talking to you unless you own a Windows phone.
It supports all other smart watch features like email messages, calendar reminders, phone calls, Twitter and Facebook notifications, and even weather and stock information. It also has a calorie monitor and a sleep monitor for those of you trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Harshit Sinha

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