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Swedish children out of control liberally

 Swedish children out of control liberally

Ask a man or a woman who were born before the 90’s about their childhood and occasionally getting smacked for their wrong doings would certainly be a part of it, but they would also admit that it made them responsible adults.
In 1979 Sweden decided to change the norm and became the first nation to ban smacking, but as Newton said, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” every change has its consequences. Sweden has also become the first nation to produce a huge population of ill mannered brats. A prominent psychiatrist, David Eberhard says in his book ‘How children took power’ that Swedish parents have lost control over their children because of their liberal views and are unwilling to discipline them.
The other experts in the field believe that children are competent and they should be given the freedom to decide what to eat, what to wear, and when to go to bed. Well in that case soon they should be given the freedom to vote for presidents and drink alcohol as well. Let’s be completely liberal and open the flood gates. Mr. Eberhard said that most of the kids suffer from anxiety and attention disorder. They are rude to people, they are selfish and the educational performance is declining every year.  “You have to take command to make kids understand the difference between right and wrong. The family is not a democracy,” Mr. Eberhard said.
When there are rules for adults to follow and they are punished when they fail to obey them, then there should rules for children to follow in every household to control them and to make them better citizens.

Rahul Raj

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