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Made in India Magazine | September 23, 2021

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Live Amongst Cricket Legends - in Melbourne

Live Amongst Cricket Legends – in Melbourne

| On 07, Nov 2020

Ever imagined what it would be like to live amongst cricketing legends like Steve Waugh and Sachin Tendulkar? Well, now you can. Sort of…

A new expansion by Resi Ventures in Rockbank, a suburb to the west of Melbourne, has come up with the genius marketing idea of attracting buyers to the area by naming the streets in their new housing development after household cricketing names.

Why cricket?

This innovative idea is an especially clever one as this distinct area of Melbourne has a particularly high amount of Indian residents. It’s no secret that Indians love cricket and the decision to name the streets on the development has so far been a massive success with the locals.

According to a local property developer, the number of people ringing and asking about the development doubled once people got wind of the creative street names.

Some of the inventive street names take after sportsmen like Kapil Dev (Dev Terrace), Jacques Kallis (Kallis Way), Sachin Tendulkar (Tendulkar Drive), Virat Kohli (Kohli Crescent), and Steve Waugh (Waugh Street).

The most expensive street

Virat Kohli had the honour of the fanciest and most desirable road in the development being named after him. The director of Resi Ventures, Khurram Saeed, said that this is because Kohli is personally his favourite batsman.

People are embracing the plan

The mastermind behind this development even speculates that it isn’t too far beyond the realm of possibility that one of the stars may even visit their namesake when they are in the area for a match. With Kohli visiting Australia in December, he may well fancy swinging by and saying hi to his fans – after all, surely you must be a fan to buy a house on a crescent named after your favourite cricketer!

It’s not just cricket fans who are excited by the news, either. The Mayor of Melton City, Cr Lara Carli, has revealed that she has had positive feedback about the names.

Some people have even been questioning why something like this hasn’t been thought of before. With cricket being such a popular sport in Australia, in and out of the Indian community, it certainly is surprising that more areas with names inspired by cricket aren’t already a thing. Perhaps this new idea will pave the way for even more weird and wonderful street names in honour of our favourite sports and national pastimes!

Not every name you might expect was picked

Not all the cricketers’ names that were put forward made the cut, though; other Australian players were also proposed as inspiring some of the streets, like Don Bradman. However, Melton council rejected this particular one as apparently there is already a road in honour of the sportsman. We think Bradman would forgive this rejection. After all, surely one street in your name is enough for anyone! Other names you may have expected to see but sadly didn’t gain board approval are Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni, and Kumar Sangakkara.

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