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Things You Need to Tell Your Partner

 Things You Need to Tell Your Partner

A successful relationship is supported by strong understanding between the two partners. It is always advisable to share your true feelings with your spouse, but sometimes we hide how we feel about a certain issue fearing that by telling the truth we might hurt him/her. We have enlisted seven absolutely indispensable things which you need to tell your partner if you want your relationship to survive for the long term.
I don’t want to have sex right now! – This is one of the most common issues most couples face. You are not feeling all that sexy but your partner is poking you again and again to have some fun. Tell him/her you don’t want to have sex right now. Sometimes it’s alright to say the magic word – No!
What’s the future of this relationship? – You guys need to discuss where exactly your relationship is going. Would you prefer to remain ‘friends with benefits’ or is there some more spark between the two of you which can actually become a serious relationship? You should tell your partner how you truly feel about him/her, because there is a possibility that the two of you are on two completely different tracks.
Soul-Mates? Really? – You are in a relationship for the last six years, but there were times when you had the urge to end the relationship once and for all. You need to discuss this feeling with your partner. If you will keep wasting your time with Mr. Wrong, you will not even realize that your Mr. Right is sitting on the table right next to you at your favourite coffee shop.
Oops! I didn’t realize it was so expensive!This one is especially for women who love to shop. We know it’s not your fault. That sequined dress hypnotized you and took away all your money, but you can’t hide this from your man. Be honest with him that you went a little crazy. If all’s well, he will just find the episode amusing. Hiding money related issues from your partner is a strict no-no.
Your family hates me! – When you are upset because your boyfriend’s sister just told you that your dressing style is kind of funny or his friends have done something which is making you extremely uncomfortable, tell him about it. Take his advice because he knows his family and friends better than you do, so maybe there is something he could do to fix things up.
You should know about my past – It’s really important to tell your partner everything related to your past love life. Especially, when you know that this guy could be ‘the guy’ for you. The longer you will avoid having this conversation, the harder it will become for you to start this topic all over again. So, muster up some courage and tell him all.
I need to spend some time alone! – There will be times when you will feel like taking a break from all the regular stuff you do in your everyday life. Tell your partner that you need some space. These small intervals of time, spent alone, will help you a lot in analysing your feelings and clearing up all the negativity surrounding your life.

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