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This Sikh volunteer group is doing all they can to make a difference in Australia

 This Sikh volunteer group is doing all they can to make a difference in Australia

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and hardships in Australia, some people are trying to make a difference in these difficult situations. They are not only fighting these adversities themselves but also doing more than their bit for society, taking charge of things into their own hands.

They are a group of Sikh volunteers.

Belonging to a student council, these volunteers – despite fighting financial problems themselves – have started to distribute food packages and groceries across Tasmania. Finding people in need and helping them one at a time, they have already reached more than 600 deliveries of food hampers – a feat that has earned attention and praise from all over the country.

Sikh volunteer group

Now extending their efforts to communities outside Hobart, this group of volunteers is gaining traction quickly. Bhupinder Pal Singh is a volunteer himself, and he stated that some of the members had lost their jobs, others have lost their financial security, and most of them are fighting fear every single day – but that didn’t stop them from helping others in need.

He also stated that the group was started with only two members. They started donating food to people in need and asking them about their problems. He owns a rather modest renovation business based in Tasmania and is going through an exceedingly difficult time himself. He told SBS Punjabi that as he started this initiative, more and more people began to join them. Some of them were volunteers, and others began pitching in financially.

He stated that he advises people to believe in God and to believe that things will eventually get better. He said that people like him will always be here to help people in need, no matter their circumstances.

The group follows all the social distancing rules to the heart while making their deliveries and approaching people in need. Their impact is growing every day – with people they helped coming forward and becoming volunteers themselves!

Sikh volunteer group

Though these people may have lost their financial security, their savings, and even their jobs, it seems like they have not lost their sense of humanity. It is things like these that help societies and even entire civilisations eventually recover from situations like this pandemic.

If you are in Australia right now, make sure to follow the 1.5-meter social distancing rule, to download the COVIDSafe app, and to keep yourself informed about the symptoms. Limit gatherings to two people at a time.

If you think you might have the virus infection, check your symptoms, and get on a call with your doctor immediately. The information hotline provided by the government is 1800 020 080. If you are having difficulty breathing or need emergency healthcare services, contact 000. This is a battle best won by staying home, staying safe, not panicking, and being vigilant about the rules set by the Australian government. Let’s make efforts to get rid of the pandemic and come back stronger, together.

Joy Sawhney

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